30 d’octubre del 2020


Do you want to know how much fun we had celebrating Halloween? We explained the book "Spooky School" to learn some halloween vocabulary like: ghost, whitch, monster, spider...

We also sang and danced different halloween songs! We had a lot of fun! Finally, in each class we did a scary craft!

The class of Rabbits

With our hands, we did some spiders!

Look at them!

Finally Ari created these cool puppets!

The class of Snails
To learn about the colour orange, Ari prepared witches hats and we painted them using our fingers!
So cool!!!

Look at these amazing witches hats!!!

The class of Squirrels
To finish, the oldest children at school painted some toilet rolls. Do you want to know what we created?

Some ghosts!!! Booooooo!!!

Happy Halloween everybody!!!
See you soon!!!


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  1. Quines activitats més chules !!! El Marc P. va súper content a la guarde i no m'estranya. Sou unes craks !!!


  2. Thanks for sharing these moments. Happy Halloween!!!


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