31 d’octubre del 2018


Hello everyone and welcome to this new blog post.

We would like to show you how funny we passed the day celebrating the Halloween party.

This Halloween, we have been singing and dancing several songs and we have listened some horror tales.
All the classes have made an exciting children's craft. Let is start with the little ones!

The class of mices 

We had a wonderful time creating two ghosts with our small feet.

Trick or treat smell my feet...Are you afraid?

The class of bunnies
We heard a terrifying children's story and we made some blue monsters with our little hands. Then, we put eyes to give it a scary touch.



The class of snails
In this class, we worked the song "Knok knok, trick or treat" where we can see many costumes, that is why we made a terrying green witch. 






Ah Ah Ah!!

The class of squirrels 
 Our favourite song is "Five Little pumpkins". Something special that we learn here is the name of some basic emotions. That is why we have painted some huge pumpkins with our hands and we had a great time learning the orange colour.

See the result!


We hope you enjoy a lot this incredible tradition of England as we did. We wish you have a scary and happy Halloween!

                                                              PETIT MON