31 d’octubre del 2019

Bona Castanyada! Happy Halloween!

                                                                        PETIT MÓN

Trick or Treat?


Hello everyone!

We would like to show you how much fun we had celebrating Halloween.

For Halloween, we have been singing songs and dancing and Paula has explained a story "Meg and Mog" about a witch and her cat that we loved. 

All the classes have made a craft. Do you want to see how well we have done it?

The class of Mices

The smallest, we have made two witches with our feet. Do you like them?

This is the result and as you can see we have taken the opportunity to decorate our class with them, look how cool!

The class of Bunnies

Since in our English classes we are studying vocabulary of the parts of the body, we used our hands to make spiders! Look!

Then Paula has put eyes on them and has prepared some very cool pictures with our works of art.
Do you like it?

The class of Snails

As we like to paint a lot and we had a great time, we painted some pumpkins.

Then Paula has put rope on them and made some masks! How good do our pumpkins look!

The class of Squirrels

And to finish, the oldest of the school have painted some empty paper rolls and made bats! Uuuuh!

We liked this animal very much and many of us didn't know it!
Let's see the result!

We hope you enjoyed this tradition from England as much as we did. We wish you a scary and Happy Halloween!

See you son!

Petit Món