10 de maig de 2019

We will start with spring and farm animals using different resources...

Hello everyone!

In our English sessions we are going to work on the spring season and farm animals. We have danced, sung, played instruments, we played with animals, etc. And Paula told us a story that we really liked!

The smallest ones of Petit Món have learned a lot about farming and we have learnt many animals using puppets and stories.

Look how many animals we have! We really like playing with them! And we have learnt a song so we know all the animals names! We also want to sing it at home will our parents help us?

"Spring is here!
Spring is here!
How do yo think I know
I just saw a butterfly (change by name of each animal)
That is how I know"

The Mice Class

The Bunny Class

Look at the Bunnies, we have also disguised ourselves. Do you know what of? Of butterflies!

The eldest of the school have worked as we have said, the spring more throughly: we have danced, sung and played instruments to celebrate that spring has already arrived! Look how we are!

The Snails Class

The Squirrels Class

The Snails just like the Mice and the Bunnies also know the animals! Look!

And the Squirrels and the Snails to celebrate the arrival of spring have gone outside to the playground and danced songs from the 80s! Do you know the songs, parents?

"Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody 
With somebody who loves me"

We hope you liked everything we have done and have learnt!

Until next time! 

Petit Món

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