3 de febrer de 2018



Hello families! We start the year with lots of energy, new things to learn and lots of fun ahead.

During these weeks of the year, we have started to work on the new concepts and new songs of the second quarter. We want to share with you how we learn and how we have fun.

This week in addition to listening to the new songs, we have started the winter with a fun craft that we will use to decorate the class. See how we work.

We love painting our little feet.

And this is the result

During this week we have worked the yellow colour in different ways.
First, we have experienced the texture of the painting and drew lines in the bag. Look!

Then we painted on paper with yellow waxes. We love to paint!

Finally, we have played with yellow toys. We have had a great time!

In the Snail class, this week we have worked the emotions; happy, angry and tired through a song that we love. In addition, we have done choreography to be able to dance the song and express the emotions. Look how the steps are!

If you're happy happy happy clap your hands.
If you're angry angry angry stomp your feet.

If you're scared scared scared say, "Oh no!"

If you're sleepy sleepy sleepy take a nap.

If you're happy happy happy clap your hands.

This is the song that we have worked on, so that you can dance it at home. 


This week we have had a lot of fun learning a new song, which helps us learn new actions in English. We have prepared a very funny choreography to reproduce the actions and learn while we have fun. We have also worked the actions with the "Bits", some cards with images of actions.
Watch how we dance!

Walking walking. Walking walking.

Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop.

Running running running. Running running running.

Now let’s stop. Now let’s stop.

Tiptoe tiptoe. Tiptoe tiptoe.

Jump jump jump. Jump jump jump.

Swimming swimming swimming.

Now let’s sleep. Now let’s sleep.

Wake up!


This is the song that we have worked on, so that you can dance it at home.

We wish you enjoyed our activities, we will continue learning and having fun with English. See you soon!

                                                                         Petit Món

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  1. Me encantaaaaaa!!!!
    A Nil le encanta Sara!!
    Muchas gracias por poner las canciones, si sabemos con q canciones trabajais...se las ponemos en la tv y a el le encanta escucharlas, verlas y cantarlas...creo q Sara hace un muy buen trabajo con los peques😄

  2. Totalmente de acuerdo!!!! Se lo pasan genial. Thank you!!!!

  3. Que clases tan divertidas!!! Leo seguro q se lo pasa en grande!!


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