24 de novembre del 2017


In this post we want to show you how we work daily in English class. Each morning in addition to singing the song "good morning", we show the Bits. They are cards of different vocabulary that are shown daily and quickly to capture the attention of children and learn without realizing it.

Bits are a didactic method aimed at children between 0-6 years that improve attention, facilitate concentration and develop and stimulate the brain, memory and learning.

This week the class of the bunnies has made a craft that takes us into space. The craft we have extracted after viewing the story "Roaring Rockets" by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.

See how we work and the result of our rockets.


These are the BITS of the class, some images of the songs we sing.

In addition to working vocabulary, in the class of the bunnies we have experimented with painting and with a sponge. With them we have made very bright and colourful fireworks.




These are some BITS of the class, emotions.

The snail class has also made some fireworks, but we have worked with paint and a fork to do the colourful explosions.


These are some BITS of the class, body parts.
The class of the squirrels did a rocket ready to fly to the moon. Painting the cardboard, sticking stickers to create the rocket and hitting stars in the sky.
Look how we work together! 

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