24 de febrer del 2022

English in the Petit Món

At Petit Món we work with English through music, stories, experimentation, etc. to involve the children at all the times! Watch!

Class of Mice

Class of Bunnies

These weeks we have worked the winter. The rabbit class has painted a snowman and we have worked on the accessories that we wear at this time of year.

Class of Snails

Stories have many benefits for children, among them: they stimulate imagination and creativity, help to understand the world, enhance the expansion of language and vocabulary skills, etc. Therefore, in the Petit Món, we use this motivating resource in English sessions as it helps us learn many concepts! Look how good we have the Snails!

Class of Squirrels

The colors are in our day to day and we can see how according to the season of the year in which we are, the trees and the sky are painted in different colors. In winter cold colors predominate, and we not only work the same color, but everything that surrounds that shade. At Petit món we experience colors through manipulation in English sessions, in order to create a visual contrast and be able to integrate concepts well. 

We hope you can enjoy this small collection of images!


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