18 de juny del 2021

The Baby Shark family

The Baby Shark family has arrived at the Petit Món 

 As the summer heat has arrived we are starting to work the summer season. That's why, we have dedicated this week to preparing the summer mural. We have painted the "Baby Shark" family. We have also danced to his song as we love it!

The bunny class

In the bunny class we have painted the baby shark, look how white his belly is!

We had a good time dancing!

And here are our puppets! 

The snail class

In the snail class we have painted the mother and father shark, we have painted the bellies white.

We love to dance and sing this song!

And here are our puppets!

The squirrel class

In the squirrel class we have painted grandmother and grandfather shark, since we are the "oldest" of the school. How we have liked to paint our white bellies, sharing so many moments with our colleagues. 

The best has been when we have danced and sung the song!

And here are our puppets!

We hope you enjoyed seeing how much fun we had in our English classes. 

See you soon!

Petit Món

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