26 de maig del 2017

We continue to learn English!

This last weeks the little Mice class has worked with our hands. Taking advantage of the good weather of spring, we made a kite flying through the blue sky!

The class of the Bunnies are working the spring, through songs and images. As we like the sun a lot, we have painted a sun ourselves with a cardboard plate! Look how we work!

This is our sun!

In the class of the Snails we are working aquatic animals. The one we like the most is the fish and that's why we made one with plates made of cardboard.

Look how colourful and pretty they are!

In the class of the Squirrels we are working the animals. As we like fish so much, we have built a fish tank to put our little fish.

Look at our fish tanks!

We like the songs in English, our favourites are: MISTER SUN and BABY SHARK

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