14 de juny del 2019

We continue with the animals of the farm and we start with the fruits

Hello everyone!

In the English lessons we are learning about the animals of the farm and the fruits and with this publication we want to teach you everything we have done!

The Mice Class

The smallest of the school we have become acquainted with the fruits and as Paula knows that many of us like bananas. We have stamped with this fruit! See!











The Bunnies Class

The Bunnies have worked the fruits and animals of the farm using another resource that we like very much: songs! Paula has prepared for us a songwriter with the songs we sang at the English lessons and we sang and danced a lot! See!

And we played with the fruit we learned! See how many were in school!

The Snails Class

The snails have worked the farm and the fruit using a kind of poster that Paula has prepared for us where we had to stick all the different fruits and animals on!

First of all, we were saying what animals live on the farm and what fruits we knew!

And then we all filled the posters with all the animals and the fruits we had learned! See!

To go over everything we had read, we also sang some songs in which we worked the vocabulary, the same as the Bunnies did!








The Squirrels Class

The oldest of the school we heard the story "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle; it explains the story of a caterpillar that is very hungry and she tells us what he is eating every day until he becomes a butterfly! Thank to this story the Squirrels could also work on the fruits and Paula used to explain the days of the week while we were posting the different foods onto a card and then we divided them into the different days of the week! See! 

All the children have made animals to take home. 

 We hope you enjoyed everything that we have worked in the English lessons as much as we did!

See you soon!

Petit Món

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