15 de març del 2019

St. Patrick Day


March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day and as you know in Petit Món we have celebrated it: we painted, we danced, we dressed up and we had a really fun time while learning things about the day! 

The Mice class

We painted with our hands and we painted the clover which is the symbol of St. Patrick's Day. 

Look how happy we are!

Oh What colour is this?

Is green!

                                                                                         My hand is green!

Also, as a surprise we converted into St. Patrick! Look at how much fun we had and how we enjoyed it!

The Bunny class

Like the Mice, we also worked with the St. Patrick's symbol and we painted the clover. Look at the paintings we did!

My hand is on the paper!

There are two hands!
And now?

What is under my hand?

To get more into the spirit of the day we dressed up with: hats, beards, masks, moustaches... Look at that box of costumes we had!

We reinforced the colour green in all our activities!

The Snail class

The snails listened to the Leprechaun song and saw that they wear a very big green had! We also wanted it, look!

Once we were dressed like a Leprechaun we also wanted to dress up like one too, we used the colour green a lot!

The Squirrel class

The squirrels also listened to the Leprechaun song and made our hats, do you like them? 

And this is the result!

We dressed up like St. Patrick and once dressed up we represented the Leprechaun song. 

Oh and we learnt a colour... Do you remember which one? 

We hope you enjoyed the crafts as much as we enjoyed making them!

See you soon!

Petit Món

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