20 d’abril de 2018


Hello families! This month we have worked hard, we have received the spring and we have learned new vocabulary.

The class of mice
During this time we have worked different animals, specifically the rabbit a very funny animal that we have met through the story: "Peter Rabbit" My First Board Book. We have also been listening to a very nice song of a bunny with a pink nose. This is the song:

After working this animal we have made a carrot, with our feet, so that the bunny can eat. See how we work!

The bunny can already eat carrots...

The class of bunnies
How fun is spring! We took advantage of the good weather and the flowers that come out in the spring to learn how flowers are.
First, we have been able to experience and touch how the flowers are; the colours, the different shapes, the smell and the parts that form it.

It smells good!   

I'm going to see what texture it has!

Then, we have painted some recycled bottles to make our own flower with the colours that we like the most.

Now that we have finished the flowers we can continue enjoying and learning from spring.

The class of snails
This month we have been experimenting with spring. We have recycled bottles with spring objects; in one of them there is grass (made with dyed rice) with flowers and ladybirds and in the other water with some ladybirds and butterflies flying.

I like this!

How they move!

Is it a ladybird?

What's inside?

Once we have learned things from spring, we have decided to make some binoculars to be able to look for more elements of spring, such as birds, bees and rainbows.

Now that we are ready to look for spring we move through the class in search of more elements. We also went out to the yard to look for butterflies and bees.

How many things to see!

Look! Over there is a butterfly!

I see you!

The class of squirrels
We learn fruits and vegetables in a fun way. 

First we read the story: the very hungry caterpillar, a caterpillar that emerges from the egg and is so hungry that it eats fruits and vegetables.

How many fruits!

Look at the caterpillar!

Then we painted some egg cups to create a caterpillar to take us home and give more fruit and vegetables.

And finally, we have fed the caterpillar that we have in class. With a can of recycled chips we have created the pet and with bottle caps and pictures of fruits in them we have been able to make this activity so fun and with which we have learned a lot!

I hope you liked it, see you in the next post!

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  1. Que bien que se lo pasan, muchas gracias Sara!! Yolanda ( mama Leo )


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