13 de desembre de 2019

Do you want to know what we do in our English classes?

As you know, this trimestre, the children from Petit Món are learning and working on school vocabulary and body parts: through stories, songs, flashcards, games, etc.

Look how much fun we had!

The class of Mices

The little ones from Petit Món have been working on school vocabulary through stories. Paula has explained the story of Spot "Spot goes to school" by Eric Hill. Thank you to this dog, we have learnt about school: colours, bags,etc. and do you know what? We loved it!

The class of Bunnies

We have learnt lots of vocabulary of the body and it's different parts with help of the "Potato". Paula showed us parts of the body using songs, flashcards, etc. and then we played with the Potato's parts of the body. It was fun!



We also want to show you how we started English classes everyday. Do you want to see? Because Paula knows we like singing and dancing, she prepared for us a box of music with different songs: "Good Morning song", "Head shoulders knees and toes", "The wheels on the bus", etc. Look!

The class of Snails 

The Snails we have started to learn the days of the week and the weather in English. Paula helps us learn them using songs and a thing that helps us visualise it better. Look!

We have also used flashcards to learn school vocabulary. Look! 

We have learnt how to say bag, dummy, nappy, table, chair, etc. 

The class of Squirrels

To finish, the oldest of Petit Món have also learnt the days of the week and the weather using songs and the activity Paula prepared for us! Look!

We have also learnt the body parts and started to recognise them on the flashcards. 

We hope you have enjoyed everything we do and learn in our English classes!

See you soon!

Petit Món

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